Wednesday, 18 May 2011 :D


Hi guys! so i kind of need your help if your willing to give it to me :)
its my birthday in one week tomorrow so next Thursday & my boyfriend is treating me to some higher end foundation but i am stuck between the two that just appeal so much to me! I have a very dry skin type so take that into mind & give me your opinion if you have ever tried these foundations or one of them :)

Do i get....
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Chanel Vitalumière Aqua
If you know anything about either foundations & can give your input i would very much appreciate it...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Well Dressed

two months since i last blogged? OH MY! where have i been? i know, i know you've all missed me dearly haha, well after the little vacation i am back with a post because i know that's what everyone wants to see :)

I'm not sure how long Well Dressed has been sold at MAC but i can assure that more than half of you reading this post have this blush in your collection..

Ive had MAC's Well Dressed blush for quite a while now & its the only MAC blush that i own because I'm not that crazy on buying high end blush because if you look close enough you will find one just as similar from the drugstore.
I only really own pink blushers as you have seen the dandelion blush & the No7 blush, but i do own a lot of bronzers which i can use for blushers too.

look at the colour? its gorgeous i know! the colour on your cheeks looks very baby pink sheer, you will not get very bright doll cheeks if you put too much on, the only bad thing is the powder has alot of access when applying it too your cheeks so make sure your not wearing anything that will immediately show the powder.

This is definitely an everyday blush for me because i love how it looks on the cheeks & i guarantee that if you go out & buy this you will definitely thank me! haha. But on a serious note this blush should be in everyones collection.