Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pigments & New hair.

Hey guys & dolls.
So you all know i purchased my first pigments the other week from MAC and i have been experimenting with them since. So i can find the right look for what i would use on an every day to day basis and i have finally come up with one look that i LOVE.

Sorry for the crap pictures but its 7:OOpm and it gets dark now around 4:OOpm so i had no look in getting a good picture at this time but atleast i tried :)

So that's my look, first of all i prime my eye, i used the primer from my Lauren Luke palette, i put the Vanilla pigment on 3/4 of my eyelid, then the rest of my eye i put the Tan pigment from MAC, i love both colours & i love the consistency of the pigments! I only have two pigments so far & i cant wait to purchase more :)!

Do you guys own any MAC pigments? :)

OK, so many of you know by my pictures that i had really red hair, Ive been red now for a couple of months, a good 6-7 months anyway :) & when i am watching all these YouTube Guru's that have lovely brown hair i just felt like having my old hair back,  everyone that i knew hated the idea of me going back brown because they said 'It suited me too much' but i just couldn't keep up with it & my roots were always a nightmare, i didn't go fully brown i kept it like a burgundy colour, so here's my new hair :)

Let me know if you like it or not :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Whats inside my little bag?

Hey Guys & Dolls so i went to the cinema the other day and only had about 1Omins to shop.... how bad is that! but there was only one item that i really wanted to go & buy.. from this bag can you tell where i went?

YES! Lush was calling my name, and of course theres only one item everybody wants to own at this time which is Snow Fairy! This is actually my first time trying out this product but most of you know that i have the Bubblegum Lip scrub & i absolutely LOVE that smell and i have heard alot of comments saying how this smells the same & with it being Limited Edition (Only comes in stores at Christmas) i knew i had to go out & buy it!

So i bought the Medium sized. Theres three sized bottles a Small Medium & a Large. I'm not too sure how much the large one has inside but the small has 1OOg which prices around £3.50 and the medium has 25O which prices at £5.50 and i think the large one is around 8 or 9 pounds but I'm not too sure. Anyway this Shower gel smells absolutely gorgeous! It says on the bottle that you can use it on your hair too but I'm a little concerned about what goes on my hair so i think I'm just going to let it make my body smell absolutely GORGEOUS!

So whilst i was having a little rummage around Lush i noticed one of these containers, i have seen them before but i wasn't too sure on what they were for so i just left them. I took a closer look yesterday and fell in love with the packaging around this tube, its amazing! They call it the 'Bath Ballistic or Ballistic Tube' something like that :) and i know that when i go to Lush and buy so many products some of them don't have a home so they have to stay in the bag. So as soon as i saw this i knew i needed one because now i can keep all my Bath Balls in one area that looks so cool :)!

 Thanks for reading Beauties x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Review: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

Hey guys & dolls,
 I'm back today with a review about a new foundation!
So i have just changed my normal foundation routine because my MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 has ran out and i was so gutted! I was going to replace it with the same one but because i do Beauty at college and we do facials we are forever taking off our makeup, so i just wanted one that wasn't breaking the bank but left my skin looking nice still!

So i went for this foundation, i had the pot a while back and it just did NOT go with my skin, always made me look dry and i always hated the finish look because of how my foundation looked! I thought i would try this because its the liquid one which isn't the same and i have seen plenty of Guru's rave about this product, and as i bought it a week ago and have had 7 days to see how this foundation works for me i thought i would share it with you all.

Pros: Air-brush finish
- Full yet lightweight coverage
- Satin, luminous finish

Cons: You do really have to make sure that you are using the right Moisturiser for you face because even if you have the slightest bit of dry skin this foundation shows it and it doesn't make your complexion look nice at all.

Over all i DO like this foundation and i think i would definitely buy it again its only £7.49. i would like to try the same foundation but in the pot, but after my experience of the Maybelline foundations from the pot it doesn't make my face look nice so i would stay with this one!
So if you are struggling with dry skin but you want to try out one of these foundations because you have heard alot about them then i would definitely recommend this one!

If you are wanting to know more about this product then go to then click HERE
If any of you guys have this foundation and agree or think differently then please let me know :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

RIP Tilly

OK so this is a different type of post, but i would like to share with you what happened today! We had a lovely little kitten that had been abandoned from its mother. So my sister had to hand feed it with a little baby like bottle.
She was ill the other night and everyone said that she wouldn't see the morning, but she was a little fighter and was a happy little kitten...

Today we sadly lost Tilly, we don't know exactly what was wrong as an hour before she was running around.. but i would like to take this post to let you all know that shes now a shining little kitten that was loved very much!

Goodnight Tilly... The time we had with you was great. We all love you so much! Shine bright xx


 Hey Guys & Dolls hope you've had a good week & weekend! Here are some goodies i bought today so thought i would share them with you all :)!

 Running out of my MAC foundation so i bought this for everyday use as alot of people recommended it! It was £7.49 from Superdrug and I'm so excited to try a new foundation :D!

 My eyelashes are all plain and natural i only have the Kimberley ones which you saw in a recent post so i went looking for some bolder but everyday eyelashes and ended up with another pair of Girl aloud ones in Nadine, what i can tell with my Kimberley lashes is these are amazing! and i recommend this set to EVERYONE! £5 from Superdrug

 2 new liners from Superdrug from the make Collection 2000, love the quality of these so worth the price as well! i got a Liquid liner & a Kohl Liner.
 Look how amazing the Liquid liner is! it was £2.79 and the Kohl one was £1.99 Great buys! :D
 I went into New Look and was so drawn to this bracelet, its not the type of thing i usually go for but i absolutely love how it looks and the way it has a 2 in one bracelet LOVE LOVE LOVE this! it was half price as well so it should have been £7 and i bought it for £3.50 :)
 New bedroom so i needed some new Accessories so i bought this 'LOVE' clock from B&M for £3.99
 Some of the baggy trousers from Internacionale for £21.99 in size 10 :)!
LOVE this top from New Look, its like a see through leopard print... £12.99 in size 10 :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Im back...

Hey Guys & Dolls, where have i been?! since i started my second year at college Ive just been up to my neck with assignments and i have been soo exhausted. But I'm back and I'm excited about 2 events coming up.

Obviously one of these is Christmas! This is the best time of year with the weather and all the goodies at Christmas & New Year. I just get so excited!

Another is a Clothes Show in Birmingham, I'm excited to go & see all the amazing clothes and the things we can buy around the Show! There is different Brands going to be there for example. Lush, Benefit, Bourjois, Lee Stafford and many more! I'm so excited as this will be my first Beauty related trip with some of my college peers!

Are any of you guys going to the show?

Thanks for reading Beauties