Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Whats inside my little bag?

Hey Guys & Dolls so i went to the cinema the other day and only had about 1Omins to shop.... how bad is that! but there was only one item that i really wanted to go & buy.. from this bag can you tell where i went?

YES! Lush was calling my name, and of course theres only one item everybody wants to own at this time which is Snow Fairy! This is actually my first time trying out this product but most of you know that i have the Bubblegum Lip scrub & i absolutely LOVE that smell and i have heard alot of comments saying how this smells the same & with it being Limited Edition (Only comes in stores at Christmas) i knew i had to go out & buy it!

So i bought the Medium sized. Theres three sized bottles a Small Medium & a Large. I'm not too sure how much the large one has inside but the small has 1OOg which prices around £3.50 and the medium has 25O which prices at £5.50 and i think the large one is around 8 or 9 pounds but I'm not too sure. Anyway this Shower gel smells absolutely gorgeous! It says on the bottle that you can use it on your hair too but I'm a little concerned about what goes on my hair so i think I'm just going to let it make my body smell absolutely GORGEOUS!

So whilst i was having a little rummage around Lush i noticed one of these containers, i have seen them before but i wasn't too sure on what they were for so i just left them. I took a closer look yesterday and fell in love with the packaging around this tube, its amazing! They call it the 'Bath Ballistic or Ballistic Tube' something like that :) and i know that when i go to Lush and buy so many products some of them don't have a home so they have to stay in the bag. So as soon as i saw this i knew i needed one because now i can keep all my Bath Balls in one area that looks so cool :)!

 Thanks for reading Beauties x


  1. I bought my first snow fairy a few weeks ago. It smells amazing!

  2. love snow fairy, shame its not around all year!
    love your blog , just subsribed , ive just started my own blog, would you mind checking it out if you have a mintue :) x