Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pigments & New hair.

Hey guys & dolls.
So you all know i purchased my first pigments the other week from MAC and i have been experimenting with them since. So i can find the right look for what i would use on an every day to day basis and i have finally come up with one look that i LOVE.

Sorry for the crap pictures but its 7:OOpm and it gets dark now around 4:OOpm so i had no look in getting a good picture at this time but atleast i tried :)

So that's my look, first of all i prime my eye, i used the primer from my Lauren Luke palette, i put the Vanilla pigment on 3/4 of my eyelid, then the rest of my eye i put the Tan pigment from MAC, i love both colours & i love the consistency of the pigments! I only have two pigments so far & i cant wait to purchase more :)!

Do you guys own any MAC pigments? :)

OK, so many of you know by my pictures that i had really red hair, Ive been red now for a couple of months, a good 6-7 months anyway :) & when i am watching all these YouTube Guru's that have lovely brown hair i just felt like having my old hair back,  everyone that i knew hated the idea of me going back brown because they said 'It suited me too much' but i just couldn't keep up with it & my roots were always a nightmare, i didn't go fully brown i kept it like a burgundy colour, so here's my new hair :)

Let me know if you like it or not :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties x


  1. I really like your hair colour in the last picture. I love mac pigments but forget to use them most of the time. I like ordering a bunch of samples online so I get a chance to try everything. I've had samples for almost a year now that have hardly been touched. A little goes a very long way

  2. Definitly! ive had mine for atleast a month, maybe longer and they dont seem to be going down but thats what i love about them, they will last for ages! thanks for the hair comment :) x