Monday, 28 January 2013


where has time gone?..
Nearly in the second month of this year! Why is time going so fast? Anyway.. I think I may start running this back up, I really want to put my opinions somewhere I just seem to give up way too fast. So yes, I could be back! & I know exactly what I want my blog to be about & I'm gonna try keep this up! Need to find the time & all that but I reckon I can do it :) hope you all are glad to see me back! As much as I am :) keep checking for a new post!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kick-Ass concealer

Now I have had time to try this product out I feel I can give you a full review & tell you what my opinion is..

As you all know with the title this product is a concealer by Soap & Glory.. I wasn't too sure wether too try any of the makeup products they've brought out as they are not known for that & I'm always very hesitant. Anyway you get 3 pieces inside this product, a under-eye concealer, blemishes 'hider' & your very own translucent powder! all for £10!
Now I just want to say that I already have way too much love for this product, it does exactly what it's meant too & I even stopped using my MAC concealer! The translucent powder has come in handy for me too as I have just ran out of my MAC blot powder & although I will never replace that & will always but it again.. I'm loving using the little part in this product.

I have only had this for about 2 weeks now & I already have such amazing things too say about it! if you ever can't get too a higher priced shop, get yourself over too your nearest boots & try this out! I promise that if you love makeup you will LOVE this product!

let me know if you have already tried this & what you think or wether you have tried any other makeup product from thats range.. I definitely am going to start looking at the whole of the Soap & Glory makeup section...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

P.S. a pretty little post

OO1. been such a lovely bank holiday weekend, I've only been home when sleeping & out all the rest.. love catching up with friends & family.

OO2. as you can probably tell by the new picture I have recently had my lip pierced.. if anyone is ever thinking about getting a piercing then do it now have 8 piercings..

OO3. has anyone seen the microdermal piercings? I had one in my arm.. until I went to Alton Towers & it got ripped out :( seriously considering getting it put back in!

OO4. a new addition too the makeup collection! Soap & Glory Kick-Ass concealer.. which I will do a full review on.. Coming Soon!
P.S. my piercing :)

Thursday, 31 May 2012


I'm actually in bed writing this so wether or not it's going too come out right I do not know (loving the fact you can blog from your mobile!) I went shopping today & picked up a few things but was so excited about the 3 nail varnishes I bought!

As most of you know there's been an offer on all the makeup products in Superdrug 3for2 & I just can't resist a bargain! but i didnt really need any more makeup as id just picked up a new concealer from boots, so i just picked up these pretty little items :)

L to R: BM-262 Bright Red BM-150 Red Glitter Gosh-550 Purple Heart

Anyway I ended up painting my nails in the two Barry M polishes & I love them! I've been wanting a glittery polish for the longest & this one reminds me of Wizard of Oz! :) do any of you know where i can find some really chunky glitter nail varnish? :)
without flash

with flash

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Missing Lipstick?


The other day i realised i was running out of my favourite Topshop Nevada lipstick, so i took a trip to Meadowhall too pick it up, when i got into Topshop what a surprise there was every colour but the one i was wanting. No stress when i got home i went straight online too order it & its GONE!!!

I'm all for my nude lipsticks so had a little look online & seen MAC Myth, i looked at this lipstick when i was in the airport but didn't pick it up, so now that i cant find Nevada i ordered Myth too see if i like it or not! I have seen mixed reviews about it & i was more concerned that it was going too wash me out because i am really pale anyway..

MAC Myth
Look out for a full review when i receive the lipstick & PLEASE if any of you know whats happened too Nevada let me know or if you have tried a nude lipstick that i should try just leave a comment!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012



Omgee! i cant believe how long i havent posted an actual beauty realted post for! my last proper one was about my 18th & yesterday i turned 19!! haha, been thinking about getting this & my YouTube page back up, what do you guys think? anyway, this is just a post for you all too look out for me getting this back up & running! hope you all have a good lazy sunday....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chanel Makeup!!

want to see what is exactly in this box full of Chanel goodies? Then start investigating & find my YouTube Channel!:) Thanks lovelies! :)