Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kick-Ass concealer

Now I have had time to try this product out I feel I can give you a full review & tell you what my opinion is..

As you all know with the title this product is a concealer by Soap & Glory.. I wasn't too sure wether too try any of the makeup products they've brought out as they are not known for that & I'm always very hesitant. Anyway you get 3 pieces inside this product, a under-eye concealer, blemishes 'hider' & your very own translucent powder! all for £10!
Now I just want to say that I already have way too much love for this product, it does exactly what it's meant too & I even stopped using my MAC concealer! The translucent powder has come in handy for me too as I have just ran out of my MAC blot powder & although I will never replace that & will always but it again.. I'm loving using the little part in this product.

I have only had this for about 2 weeks now & I already have such amazing things too say about it! if you ever can't get too a higher priced shop, get yourself over too your nearest boots & try this out! I promise that if you love makeup you will LOVE this product!

let me know if you have already tried this & what you think or wether you have tried any other makeup product from thats range.. I definitely am going to start looking at the whole of the Soap & Glory makeup section...

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