Monday, 28 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post

OO1. me & my family went to this big restaurant kind of place called Taybarns, its a place where you have all you can eat & drink for £9 how good is that? obviously it came with consequences & i felt so guilty for eating when i didn't need too, but its all good! haha.

OO2. i purchased MAC Wedge eyeshadow, its one of the eye shadows that i have been wanting for the longest time & everyone already has it so i was so excited to try it out! i will definitely do a collective haul on the items i have been buying recently!

OO3. i know i have already told you guys that i was having my room decorated & its finally done! i absolutely love how it turned out & i cant say any more thankyou's to the people that helped!
here's a couple of pictures of my room!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


so, i am currently an eyelash junkie & can not go anywhere without having falsies on. I love having a basic eye but with bold lashes, so people think you have actually made the effort haha! I always used to think that eyelashes were for the night & everyone that wore them in the day just slept in them, but i am proud to say i am one of those people (I don't sleep in them of course haha.) So i haven't really used natural lashes, they have always been the bold & full ones because i believe if you are going to buy naturals you may aswell just put mascara on?

I purchased these falsies yesterday from Superdrug & they are the Eylure Natural Lashes 1O7. I have been using the Kimberley (Girls Aloud) lashes for a long time & these ones looked fuller so that's why i went for these instead of just repurchasing the Kimberley ones.

These are what the eyelashes look like on my eyes, i applies these at 11am it is now 1Opm & i haven't had to retouch on the glue!! Hope you like, do you have any favourite lashes?

Monday, 21 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post


OO1. first things first, i dropped out of college. I know after all my posts you wouldn't think that i would right? i was so excited about starting & the first months but then i realised it wasn't what i wanted to do & after so long i hated what we was doing so i couldn't do it & i went..

OO2. with the whole college drama i am now on the lookout for a job, i keep handing out my CV but it doesn't seem to get me anywhere.

OO3. we went to see the new film Big mommas like father like son today & it was so funny, one of the funniest films that i have watched & it was so worth the money!

OO4. i got a Barbour's coat, i dont know about you in the US but over where I'm from in the UK they are really popular at the moment & they are the warmest coats i have worn! i don't want them to go out of fashion, but i know they will haha!

Review: Aussie Shampoo


I have heard the biggest raves about this new(ish) hair care range around stores. When i had the chance i bought a couple of their products but told myself to just try one at a time so i know exactly what the product does for my hair, the first one i tried was this shampoo

This shampoo stood out to me than the others because it shows that it is specifically for dry or damaged hair & that it how i would describe my hair because of all the times i put hot irons to straighten or curl.
I tried this shampoo for a couple of weeks & the only good thing i have to say about it is the smell! It smells like strawberry bubblegum, kind of like Lush: Snow fairy. But that is seriously the only good thing, which disappoints me so much after everything i have heard but nobody complimented how my hair was looking & my mum said it looked greasy the day after i washed it!
All in all i have nothing good to say about this shampoo, but i would say if you want to try it then do & let me know how it worked out on your hair.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post

001.♥ I really haven't done anything this week, i haven't even been on Twitter for the past week! I have just been too laid back and in a cant be bothered mood!

002.♥ I went to the dog races on Tuesday, first time of ever going some place like that & i really enjoyed it! it was so interesting to see what happens in situations like that because i know some people don't agree with dogs chasing & think its cruelty but all the dogs were very happy chasing the little rabbit!

003.♥ The reason why i haven't done anything this week is because me & Fabio broke up & i was in such a girly mess haha! but the day before valentines he comes to see me & it was so amazing so now i have more inspiration for blog posts :D!

004.♥ Its valentines day tomorrow & I'm glad me & Fabio are on the ok track so i hope we do something really lovely!

                                                           Do you have any plans for valentines?

(500) Days Of Summer

So I'm back now with a film review for you all. I was recently introduced to the film & i quickly snatched it up from HMV took it home & Spent the day watching it (repeatedly i must say)

Zooey looks so much like Katy Perry agree?

Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon are the main actors in this film & i must say they both play their parts very well! Joseph does the best acting when hes angry at Summer for breaking up with him & Zooey can play such a nasty woman but then she can be very lovely!

When i saw the name of the film i was like well why 500? why didn't they call it something else for the romantic film i was expecting! But the whole idea of the film is the guy meets a girl named Summer & in 500 days she messes with his head, then they start 'kinda' dating & then they end it.
So when i watched the film i came to terms with it not really being one of those romantic ones i was expecting but it also showed you the downside of dating aswell which i found really interesting because some of the same old romantic films can get you really bored. As you can see from the picture above he is really interested in summer but she doesnt look too bothered.

All in all i love this film & would reccomened anyone to go out & pick up their copy! Have any of you seen this film?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post

hey guys! So i decided to move the day of this post to Sunday rather than Friday, only because Sunday is the last day of the week so its better..

001.♥ Fabio (my boyfriend) passed his driving test a week tomorrow & we have been out in the car so many times! Its so amazing not having to get the bus everywhere i go, i still have to get the bus sometimes because we have different days at college but i don't mind as long as its not everyday! haha. 

002.♥ I went clubbing on Friday, yes I'm not old enough, but i even saw 15year olds in the place where i was so its obvious the bouncers are not doing something right haha! It was the best night out i have had in forever i absolutely loved it!

picture; photobucket

003.♥ I have been lacking on Twitter & sleep! but my weekend was so worth it, I'm now just relaxing & drinking loads of tea. follow me on Twitter,,,,,

004.♥ I am getting so much better with nail art so i am hoping to get some different NOTD's up for you all :D!