Sunday, 6 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post

hey guys! So i decided to move the day of this post to Sunday rather than Friday, only because Sunday is the last day of the week so its better..

001.♥ Fabio (my boyfriend) passed his driving test a week tomorrow & we have been out in the car so many times! Its so amazing not having to get the bus everywhere i go, i still have to get the bus sometimes because we have different days at college but i don't mind as long as its not everyday! haha. 

002.♥ I went clubbing on Friday, yes I'm not old enough, but i even saw 15year olds in the place where i was so its obvious the bouncers are not doing something right haha! It was the best night out i have had in forever i absolutely loved it!

picture; photobucket

003.♥ I have been lacking on Twitter & sleep! but my weekend was so worth it, I'm now just relaxing & drinking loads of tea. follow me on Twitter,,,,,

004.♥ I am getting so much better with nail art so i am hoping to get some different NOTD's up for you all :D!

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