Monday, 21 February 2011

Review: Aussie Shampoo


I have heard the biggest raves about this new(ish) hair care range around stores. When i had the chance i bought a couple of their products but told myself to just try one at a time so i know exactly what the product does for my hair, the first one i tried was this shampoo

This shampoo stood out to me than the others because it shows that it is specifically for dry or damaged hair & that it how i would describe my hair because of all the times i put hot irons to straighten or curl.
I tried this shampoo for a couple of weeks & the only good thing i have to say about it is the smell! It smells like strawberry bubblegum, kind of like Lush: Snow fairy. But that is seriously the only good thing, which disappoints me so much after everything i have heard but nobody complimented how my hair was looking & my mum said it looked greasy the day after i washed it!
All in all i have nothing good to say about this shampoo, but i would say if you want to try it then do & let me know how it worked out on your hair.

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