Wednesday, 23 February 2011


so, i am currently an eyelash junkie & can not go anywhere without having falsies on. I love having a basic eye but with bold lashes, so people think you have actually made the effort haha! I always used to think that eyelashes were for the night & everyone that wore them in the day just slept in them, but i am proud to say i am one of those people (I don't sleep in them of course haha.) So i haven't really used natural lashes, they have always been the bold & full ones because i believe if you are going to buy naturals you may aswell just put mascara on?

I purchased these falsies yesterday from Superdrug & they are the Eylure Natural Lashes 1O7. I have been using the Kimberley (Girls Aloud) lashes for a long time & these ones looked fuller so that's why i went for these instead of just repurchasing the Kimberley ones.

These are what the eyelashes look like on my eyes, i applies these at 11am it is now 1Opm & i haven't had to retouch on the glue!! Hope you like, do you have any favourite lashes?

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