Monday, 28 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post

OO1. me & my family went to this big restaurant kind of place called Taybarns, its a place where you have all you can eat & drink for £9 how good is that? obviously it came with consequences & i felt so guilty for eating when i didn't need too, but its all good! haha.

OO2. i purchased MAC Wedge eyeshadow, its one of the eye shadows that i have been wanting for the longest time & everyone already has it so i was so excited to try it out! i will definitely do a collective haul on the items i have been buying recently!

OO3. i know i have already told you guys that i was having my room decorated & its finally done! i absolutely love how it turned out & i cant say any more thankyou's to the people that helped!
here's a couple of pictures of my room!

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