Monday, 27 September 2010

mini HAUL!

Hey guys!!
So i have just been out at the weekend and brought something for myself as a little treat :)! i know that there isn't alot but I'm trying to save up for my bag and the other items that are on my wish list :)! So here is what i bought...

 These baskets i bought from B&M they were 99p for a set of 3 apart from the pink boxes which come in a set of 2 so all of these boxes that fit my makeup in were £3 such a bargain! :)

 Ive heard alot of people say that this works and their lashes are feeling longer and better so i knew that i had to buy this mascara and i will let you guys know what happens with my lashes!

 Been lusting over a pair of these for the longest and now i have my own pair i cannot wait to have a look what these are like on! This is my first pair of false lashes and I'm so excited to wear them, they are the Girls Aloud Kimberley Lashes and there the most natural pair that i could find :)!

Needed a new makeup bag to put my everyday makeup in for college so this was a big buy and it was £2.50 i think :/ so that was a good bargain :)!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this notepad and i knew i had to buy it when i set my eyes on it! anybody that is related to beauty or makeup i say go out and buy this notepad! :) I think this notepad was £5.00

 Needed a new folder to match my notepad for college :) This was £2.19 which is good :)
Gonna try out these eyebrow shapers from Superdrug, they look good and i dont love plucking my eyebrows so im going to try the easy route :)! will let you guys know what i think, this was a true bargain which was £1.15 :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wish List!

Hey Guys! i have a different kind of post here, just thought i would share with you all what I'm lusting over and being very patient to purchase these! Let me know if any of you have the same items on your Wish List or let me know 1item that your waiting to purchase!
Maisy Large Nude

My boyfriend has promised me this bag for Christmas (or earlier haha!) but atm i am loving the Paul's Boutique bags, i see alot of people with his bags and i just want my own to show off :)! The Maisy Large really stood out to me and when i got home and saw that Leona Lewis had been pictured with this same one i knew it was the bag for me!

Of Royalty

I know you guys will be thinking why doesn't she put all of the cosmetics from mac but i thought i would say a gift card because i want SOOOOOOO much its untrue haha! but the Of Royalty lipstick is what i am waiting for right now so hopefully this will be my first purchase of the Wish List :D!

So yeaaaahhhh......... i don't have this palette yet and I'm sooooo behind on buying this! everyone raves over the Naked palette and i have to go off the page because i want it soo much, but i want to buy different products first! :)

How adorable are these minature Pugs?!! Seriously i love these! My relative has just got one and called her Lola and shes the cutest thing i have ever set my eyes on so I've got to get one of these little cuties!

I watched 'The Saturdays 24/7' and when Rochelle bought a Skull Scarf i have been seeing them all over and so badly want one of my own! i found this cute one from Republic and its the closest design to what Rochelle bought but for a bargain :)!

Let me know an item on your Wish List and have your say about what i have on mine :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties! ♥

Monday, 20 September 2010

Saturday Outfit!

Even though its Monday i thought i would share with you guys what my Saturday night outfit was! I spent £21 on my outfit which is a total bargain i know! So stay tuned if you guys want to know where everything was from...

Top - Republic was £16.99 now £9.99
Skirt - Primark £5.00

The top has a black and white zebra on but because i tucked the top into my skirt. I bought this top because how it hung on my body and thought it gave a really good effect.

The skirt was just tight fitted on my legs and it looked leather but it wasn't any different to a normal material.

Shoes - Primark £6.00

I fell in love with these shoes as soon i as i saw them they look like ankle boots but with laces! these boots felt like Swede material but they wasn't true Swede.

Makeup on my eyes was the Lauren Luke palette i went for the Smokey look.

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Sunday, 19 September 2010

movie LOVE

Hey guys!
OHMYGOSH! where have i been?! seriously cannot believe that i haven't blogged for nearly a week! this blog was supposed to be about my Saturday night outfit but i forgot my camera when i came to my boyfriends! so that will probably be tomorrow.....

So this post is gonna be about my all time favourite movie that i have watched these passed weeks, and i LOVE this! Its about a mental home that has a twist to it and it all turns around in the end! Such a great storyline!

Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing in all of his movies and when i watched Inception i knew i had to watch this movie and i wasn't disappointed! I recommend all of you guys go watch this movie and if you haven't seen Inception i highly recommend you to watch that film too! :)

Sorry for the late posting but i promise i will be blogging a lot more frequently! Let me know if any of you guys want to see anything in future posts :)! If any of you guys have seen this tell me what your reactions were!

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hey Guys got a little well tiny brush haul only got 2 brushes so don't know if i can really call it a haul haha! So recently i received a Boots £5 voucher and my mum gave me one which meant i had £10 to spend. Nothing really caught my eye on the products, although i was going to buy the MATTE nail polish but i didn't see any point as i am not allowed to wear it at college!

So these brushes were £6.50 each and with my vouchers i got them for £1.50 each! Bargain or what!

I wanted the Smokey Eyeliner Brush basically because i don't have a good one in my bunch so i thought i would try it out! The Blend and Contour one i got because mine is on its last legs and i cant cope with it anymore! I'm hoping to get the 217 by MAC! I have been wanting this for the longest time!

I loved how Lisa Eldridge Had the back of the packaging done because it tells you everything you need to know also telling you that you need to clean them regular!!

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ins & Outs


- my favourite website in the whole wide world! Go check it out if you haven't already

- YouTube i love watching all the videos and i am seriously thinking of setting up my own YouTube account!

- Next week! my first day of college so so so excited!

- Bourjois Eye shadows absolutely amazing products so pigmented!


-NO nail polish on nails when i attend College next week.... BORING!!

- My hair, I'm
really beginning to hate it now! The colour and the way it is its so plain!

- Breakouts but these will never be an in will they!

- Big Brother cannot believe its the final on Friday and that it! So sad :(

So that's all I can think of this week... Have a good rest of the day...

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Monday, 6 September 2010


So college is just around the corner and because I'm at the Beauty part of my college we are under strict rules to ALWAYS wear makeup! so before i go i had to try plenty of FOTD's and get used to what i want to wear! :)
MAC - Beauty Sleep Velvet
No7 - Innocence
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Cottage cheese
Maybelline - Line Define
Max Factor - False Lash Effect

Lips -
Filled in lips with my Gosh - Peach pearl velvet touch
Barry M - Clear Lip gloss on top of the liner :)!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer
Mac Pressed Blot Powder
Rimmel Bronze - OO1 Blonde
Benefit Dandelion Blush

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Review: Nair Hair Removal

Hey guys so this post will be a Review on my best Hair Removal cream!
I have good points and bad points about this product but i will quickly go through how to apply, I actually found this product in my £1. store so keep a look out for this amazing amazing product :)

1. Pat the cream onto the place where you want to remove hair
2. make sure the cream is thick otherwise it wont take off as much as you would like
3. make sure your don't rub off any by accident (e.g. If you put it on your arms lift them up so that the cream doesn't get anywhere else
4. leave for 5 minutes5. wipe away all the cream

amazing product always does what you are expecting

enough to last you for aaaaages!

easy if you cant be bothered to shave or if a shaver cuts you.

The smell is very irritating

have to wait 5 minutes and my arms get really tired!

faster to shave your area :)!

Hope this helped guys and let me know if any of you have tried this product let me know what your thoughts are :)

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Hey Guys!
another little post for you guys today a little Dull OOTD! and a Natural Pink/Purple FOTD! :)
Let me know what you guys think! This is my first OOTD so please go easy on me haha!
Middle - Barry M Dazzle Dust - 99Indigo
Top Left - MAC - Beauty Sleep Velvet
Bottom Right - No7- Innocence (highlighter)
Bottom Left - Bourjois - 03 Rose Perle
Top Right - Bourjois - 17 Prune Intense

My Face Routine is always the same, all MAC basically haha! if you guys want to see my Daily Face Routine then please let me know! :) So this was my FOTD! I felt a little change today instead of just the pink eye i added a little purple or the crease!
Lips are Hue and Barry M Clear Lip gloss :)!

So my OOTD is a little boring i know! but today it was in between cold and hot so i thought i would play around with warm and cooler clothes:)!I took a White BooB-Tube, Jeans and a black leather jacket, These can all be found in any fashion store and I'm sure alot of you have these items in your closet! :) Pair these with White Pumps and a Black Bag...
Obviously every girl needs accessories just pile a load of bracelets together and that's your outfit!