Monday, 27 September 2010

mini HAUL!

Hey guys!!
So i have just been out at the weekend and brought something for myself as a little treat :)! i know that there isn't alot but I'm trying to save up for my bag and the other items that are on my wish list :)! So here is what i bought...

 These baskets i bought from B&M they were 99p for a set of 3 apart from the pink boxes which come in a set of 2 so all of these boxes that fit my makeup in were £3 such a bargain! :)

 Ive heard alot of people say that this works and their lashes are feeling longer and better so i knew that i had to buy this mascara and i will let you guys know what happens with my lashes!

 Been lusting over a pair of these for the longest and now i have my own pair i cannot wait to have a look what these are like on! This is my first pair of false lashes and I'm so excited to wear them, they are the Girls Aloud Kimberley Lashes and there the most natural pair that i could find :)!

Needed a new makeup bag to put my everyday makeup in for college so this was a big buy and it was £2.50 i think :/ so that was a good bargain :)!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this notepad and i knew i had to buy it when i set my eyes on it! anybody that is related to beauty or makeup i say go out and buy this notepad! :) I think this notepad was £5.00

 Needed a new folder to match my notepad for college :) This was £2.19 which is good :)
Gonna try out these eyebrow shapers from Superdrug, they look good and i dont love plucking my eyebrows so im going to try the easy route :)! will let you guys know what i think, this was a true bargain which was £1.15 :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥


  1. awesome buys love those colorful baskets !!! I really want to try that mascara

  2. awesome buys! i love those mini containers!

    <3, Mimi

  3. Lovely post and ooo I do need some baskets like those in my life!