Saturday, 2 October 2010

Another mini Haul :O!

Hey again! i am totally lacking with this Blogging College and seeing Fabio. I'm a complete fail! but i am back, and i have another little haul for you guys. I also bought 2 new tops from Primark which both cost £5.00 but i haven't any pictures! :(... anyway let me know what you guys think of my new things and if you already have something give me your opinion :)!

OO6 Pink Blush Rimmel

I have been looking for a Pink lipstick for the longest and i was so happy that my Boyfriend bought me this one from Superdrug! Its the nicest colour in the world. Not too pink and not too bright just in the middle
The way that i wanted it! He knows me too well! 
RRP: £3.99

3O9 Strawberry (PINK) 3O8 Berry (PURPLE)

Offer on in Superdrug! 2 Barry M Nail Polishes for £5 so you are saving 90p which is good for any Barry M Polishes because they are AMAZING!! I wanted girlie colours and light colours because I have a four day weekend when I'm not at college and i love to paint my nails for those four days! There was alot of Polishes to choose from but these caught my eye and i knew they would look great together! Let me know what you think!
RRP: 2.95

Obviously if your in Superdrug you need to pick up one of these Balms.
95p SPF 15..... what more can you ask for?!
RRP: 95p

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥


  1. Nice haul and swatches!:D

    That lip balm is too cute and what a cheap price!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. love that tin !!! omg you have such great taste in colors !!!

  3. @Marie - the balm was an amazing buy! Makes my lips feel lovely for such a low price :)!

    @Curves ahead makeup - thankyou for that lovely comment.. I do try and match my colours, it was a girlie day I must say :)!

  4. Love that lipstick, I might have to purchase! I've been looking for a nice pink colour for ages too, but didn't want anything too in your face. Gotta agree with you about Barry M nail varnishes too, I have a similar lilac coloured one and love it.

  5. @Sarah - Thankyou and yes! its a total buy! love the colour :)! i have been on the hunt for a pink one for ages!.. I adore these colours and because they are BarryM makes them a whole better in my eyes :)!