Sunday, 10 October 2010

Boots Haul!

Hey Guys I'm here with another haul! Ive decided that when i get better makeup brushes I'm gonna start making YouTube videos. Then i can do looks and go into full detail! But i will always have this Blog and until then you have to cope with me on here haha!

The main reason i bought this lipstick was because of the amazing packaging! Ive never seen anything like this and when i see all my lipsticks this will stand out! My First 17 cosmetics but i can tell already i LOVE them and the price is amazing! I think the lipstick was £4.49 but I'm not tooo sure :/!

 I got another voucher for No7 and this blush stood out to me, i needed a new girlie blusher because my Benefit Dandelion is slowly hitting pan so I'm crying inside but this is sooo nice and the colour is excellent! This blush should have been £8.70 but with my voucher it was £3.70 :)!

These eye shadows are amazingly pigmented. I forgot to do swatches but please let me know if you guys want them on a different post. I love these eye shadows my new found love and for only £3.50.... i think haha.

Wanted to try this as alot of girls in college call it their 'life saver' i got the smaller size which was £1.50 or £1.00 whichever it was still cheap!

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

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