Saturday, 23 October 2010

First EVER MAC Pigment!

 Hey Guys! So i went to Meadowhall today because me & my boyfriend fancied the day out so we went Shopping (obviously not his first choice) haha, here's what i bought. Only 3 things but very exciting for me!

I got a coupon in More Magazine to get the Lush Colour Supplement for free so I'm glad we have a Lush so i could try out this product! You can mix it in with your daily moisturiser and then put your foundation on, or you dont need to apply foundation if you like the finish of the two mixed together :)!

 I got this sample of Vanilla Pigment because i couldn't choose just one so they gave me a sample too, and even just swatching this colour i know I'm going back to buy the full size! LOVE this colour so much :)!
 My first ever (Full sized) Pigment is Tan and Im so glad i got this because its so me! the colour is absolutely amazing and i can see myself wearing this on an everyday basis for college or just a nude eye! LOVE this Pigment definitely one my favourite!

 Here are the colours swatched, GORGEOUS i know! Love how they look great together as well, i may film a look using just these two :)! Let me know what you guys think!

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Monday, 18 October 2010


Hey Guys so I'm back with my YouTube link for you all, this is only my first video so please don't criticise too much :)! Thanks to all of you for your support make sure you Subscribe so you can keep up with me on here and on YouTube. Thanks again guys, Let me know what you think...

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Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hey Guys! Long time no Blog!! haha. So i said on one of my last posts that i would do a Halloween look. Whilst i was doing this i filmed it aswell and will be uploading it onto YouTube... please bare in mind this was my first video and i am not into Editing and all that stuff just yet but i tried :)!

Here is my finished look if you want to see how i did it in full i will be adding my YouTube link in my Blog when the file has uploaded....

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Boots Haul!

Hey Guys I'm here with another haul! Ive decided that when i get better makeup brushes I'm gonna start making YouTube videos. Then i can do looks and go into full detail! But i will always have this Blog and until then you have to cope with me on here haha!

The main reason i bought this lipstick was because of the amazing packaging! Ive never seen anything like this and when i see all my lipsticks this will stand out! My First 17 cosmetics but i can tell already i LOVE them and the price is amazing! I think the lipstick was £4.49 but I'm not tooo sure :/!

 I got another voucher for No7 and this blush stood out to me, i needed a new girlie blusher because my Benefit Dandelion is slowly hitting pan so I'm crying inside but this is sooo nice and the colour is excellent! This blush should have been £8.70 but with my voucher it was £3.70 :)!

These eye shadows are amazingly pigmented. I forgot to do swatches but please let me know if you guys want them on a different post. I love these eye shadows my new found love and for only £3.50.... i think haha.

Wanted to try this as alot of girls in college call it their 'life saver' i got the smaller size which was £1.50 or £1.00 whichever it was still cheap!

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Hey Guys! I finally have a look for you after all the Hauls.. and me rambling on about different things :)!
So i wanted to do my own pin up look today, my next look will definitely be a Halloween based and i will do any thing from a witch to a mermaid to a dead geek to a barbie? You let me know what you want to see most :)!

 So i wanted to do a basic eye with a dramatic lip! I used No7 Innocence and Barry M Fine Dust No: 712 (not sure of the colour!
This look i tried with the darker lipstick a shocking red lip made the look more Pin-up than what the other lipstick does. Cannot remember the colour of this lipstick but its by No7 :)!

This is a little different from the first look but only because of the lips, i put my OO6 lipstick by Rimmel on for this look to make it more girlie less dramatic and more of an everyday makeup look :)!

Tell me which lip you prefer.....
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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Another mini Haul :O!

Hey again! i am totally lacking with this Blogging College and seeing Fabio. I'm a complete fail! but i am back, and i have another little haul for you guys. I also bought 2 new tops from Primark which both cost £5.00 but i haven't any pictures! :(... anyway let me know what you guys think of my new things and if you already have something give me your opinion :)!

OO6 Pink Blush Rimmel

I have been looking for a Pink lipstick for the longest and i was so happy that my Boyfriend bought me this one from Superdrug! Its the nicest colour in the world. Not too pink and not too bright just in the middle
The way that i wanted it! He knows me too well! 
RRP: £3.99

3O9 Strawberry (PINK) 3O8 Berry (PURPLE)

Offer on in Superdrug! 2 Barry M Nail Polishes for £5 so you are saving 90p which is good for any Barry M Polishes because they are AMAZING!! I wanted girlie colours and light colours because I have a four day weekend when I'm not at college and i love to paint my nails for those four days! There was alot of Polishes to choose from but these caught my eye and i knew they would look great together! Let me know what you think!
RRP: 2.95

Obviously if your in Superdrug you need to pick up one of these Balms.
95p SPF 15..... what more can you ask for?!
RRP: 95p

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