Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ins & Outs


- my favourite website in the whole wide world! Go check it out if you haven't already

- YouTube i love watching all the videos and i am seriously thinking of setting up my own YouTube account!

- Next week! my first day of college so so so excited!

- Bourjois Eye shadows absolutely amazing products so pigmented!


-NO nail polish on nails when i attend College next week.... BORING!!

- My hair, I'm
really beginning to hate it now! The colour and the way it is its so plain!

- Breakouts but these will never be an in will they!

- Big Brother cannot believe its the final on Friday and that it! So sad :(

So that's all I can think of this week... Have a good rest of the day...

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

1 comment:

  1. I can't wear nail polish either as I'm a student nurse BOO! Returning to uni as an out for me and I too LOVE Bourjois eye shadows.
    Oh and definatley set up a YouTube channel! I am obsessed with The Current Boobies and of course Lollipop26, would definatley subscribe to your channel if it is anything like your blog x