Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wish List!

Hey Guys! i have a different kind of post here, just thought i would share with you all what I'm lusting over and being very patient to purchase these! Let me know if any of you have the same items on your Wish List or let me know 1item that your waiting to purchase!
Maisy Large Nude

My boyfriend has promised me this bag for Christmas (or earlier haha!) but atm i am loving the Paul's Boutique bags, i see alot of people with his bags and i just want my own to show off :)! The Maisy Large really stood out to me and when i got home and saw that Leona Lewis had been pictured with this same one i knew it was the bag for me!

Of Royalty

I know you guys will be thinking why doesn't she put all of the cosmetics from mac but i thought i would say a gift card because i want SOOOOOOO much its untrue haha! but the Of Royalty lipstick is what i am waiting for right now so hopefully this will be my first purchase of the Wish List :D!

So yeaaaahhhh......... i don't have this palette yet and I'm sooooo behind on buying this! everyone raves over the Naked palette and i have to go off the page because i want it soo much, but i want to buy different products first! :)

How adorable are these minature Pugs?!! Seriously i love these! My relative has just got one and called her Lola and shes the cutest thing i have ever set my eyes on so I've got to get one of these little cuties!

I watched 'The Saturdays 24/7' and when Rochelle bought a Skull Scarf i have been seeing them all over and so badly want one of my own! i found this cute one from Republic and its the closest design to what Rochelle bought but for a bargain :)!

Let me know an item on your Wish List and have your say about what i have on mine :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties! ♥


  1. That bag is lovely and Of Royalty is a pretty shade of pink!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. That bag is gorgeous. I have a scarf just like that. I think I bought it on ebay. It is supposedly an Alexander McQueen one but I find that hard to believe because it was so cheap.