Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hey Guys got a little well tiny brush haul only got 2 brushes so don't know if i can really call it a haul haha! So recently i received a Boots £5 voucher and my mum gave me one which meant i had £10 to spend. Nothing really caught my eye on the products, although i was going to buy the MATTE nail polish but i didn't see any point as i am not allowed to wear it at college!

So these brushes were £6.50 each and with my vouchers i got them for £1.50 each! Bargain or what!

I wanted the Smokey Eyeliner Brush basically because i don't have a good one in my bunch so i thought i would try it out! The Blend and Contour one i got because mine is on its last legs and i cant cope with it anymore! I'm hoping to get the 217 by MAC! I have been wanting this for the longest time!

I loved how Lisa Eldridge Had the back of the packaging done because it tells you everything you need to know also telling you that you need to clean them regular!!

Thanks for reading Beauties ♥

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