Sunday, 13 February 2011

P.S. a pretty little post

001.♥ I really haven't done anything this week, i haven't even been on Twitter for the past week! I have just been too laid back and in a cant be bothered mood!

002.♥ I went to the dog races on Tuesday, first time of ever going some place like that & i really enjoyed it! it was so interesting to see what happens in situations like that because i know some people don't agree with dogs chasing & think its cruelty but all the dogs were very happy chasing the little rabbit!

003.♥ The reason why i haven't done anything this week is because me & Fabio broke up & i was in such a girly mess haha! but the day before valentines he comes to see me & it was so amazing so now i have more inspiration for blog posts :D!

004.♥ Its valentines day tomorrow & I'm glad me & Fabio are on the ok track so i hope we do something really lovely!

                                                           Do you have any plans for valentines?

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