Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Missing Lipstick?


The other day i realised i was running out of my favourite Topshop Nevada lipstick, so i took a trip to Meadowhall too pick it up, when i got into Topshop what a surprise there was every colour but the one i was wanting. No stress when i got home i went straight online too order it & its GONE!!!

I'm all for my nude lipsticks so had a little look online & seen MAC Myth, i looked at this lipstick when i was in the airport but didn't pick it up, so now that i cant find Nevada i ordered Myth too see if i like it or not! I have seen mixed reviews about it & i was more concerned that it was going too wash me out because i am really pale anyway..

MAC Myth
Look out for a full review when i receive the lipstick & PLEASE if any of you know whats happened too Nevada let me know or if you have tried a nude lipstick that i should try just leave a comment!!

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