Saturday, 13 November 2010


 Hey Guys & Dolls hope you've had a good week & weekend! Here are some goodies i bought today so thought i would share them with you all :)!

 Running out of my MAC foundation so i bought this for everyday use as alot of people recommended it! It was £7.49 from Superdrug and I'm so excited to try a new foundation :D!

 My eyelashes are all plain and natural i only have the Kimberley ones which you saw in a recent post so i went looking for some bolder but everyday eyelashes and ended up with another pair of Girl aloud ones in Nadine, what i can tell with my Kimberley lashes is these are amazing! and i recommend this set to EVERYONE! £5 from Superdrug

 2 new liners from Superdrug from the make Collection 2000, love the quality of these so worth the price as well! i got a Liquid liner & a Kohl Liner.
 Look how amazing the Liquid liner is! it was £2.79 and the Kohl one was £1.99 Great buys! :D
 I went into New Look and was so drawn to this bracelet, its not the type of thing i usually go for but i absolutely love how it looks and the way it has a 2 in one bracelet LOVE LOVE LOVE this! it was half price as well so it should have been £7 and i bought it for £3.50 :)
 New bedroom so i needed some new Accessories so i bought this 'LOVE' clock from B&M for £3.99
 Some of the baggy trousers from Internacionale for £21.99 in size 10 :)!
LOVE this top from New Look, its like a see through leopard print... £12.99 in size 10 :)!

Thanks for reading Beauties x

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  1. curious to see how you like the foundation. i have the one in the pot (dream smooth mousse)