Saturday, 13 November 2010

RIP Tilly

OK so this is a different type of post, but i would like to share with you what happened today! We had a lovely little kitten that had been abandoned from its mother. So my sister had to hand feed it with a little baby like bottle.
She was ill the other night and everyone said that she wouldn't see the morning, but she was a little fighter and was a happy little kitten...

Today we sadly lost Tilly, we don't know exactly what was wrong as an hour before she was running around.. but i would like to take this post to let you all know that shes now a shining little kitten that was loved very much!

Goodnight Tilly... The time we had with you was great. We all love you so much! Shine bright xx


  1. aww i'm really sorry to hear this. Tilly is gorgeous.

    hope your ok hun x x

  2. Awww that's so sad, I'm so sorry )=

  3. awww thats so sad. im really sorry to hear that. she was so cute!

  4. Thanks girls for all of your lovely comments, we buried her yesterday in a little pink princess box :) xxx