Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Haul!

Hey ladies! I know I've been gone a long time but i am back today to share with you all what i bought for Christmas from my money that family & friends kindly gave me for Christmas :)

This two are the only items in this post that are gifts, the little bracelet is Pandora bracelet from my lovely boyfriend :) & the other is a watch from my mum it is from the Argos by Coleen Rooney  Love these two together :)

 Of course anyone that knows me obviously knows I'm gonna be buying something to do with OTH so i bought this for a bargain! should have been £60 & i bought it for £18 i have some of the seasons but i didn't have season 1 & i absolutely LOVE One Tree Hill :D!

 Had to buy this because i don't think it has been out long & i was so excited to buy & watch this! Sex & The City is one of the best shows ever made!

 Paul's Boutique bag, been looking at this bag for the longest time now & I was so happy when i found this bag, i bought it from Bank for £60 i LOVE this bag!

 River Island purse, needed a new purse & this was the nicest one in the store so i bought this for £20

 Small Jar Yankee Candle in Beach Walk my favourite candle because it smells absolutely amazing! £7.50

 New River Island bag for college standard brown bag, actually has a lot of space inside so i can put all my college things inside :)! £25

 Blackberry Curve phone case! I actually got this from the market near where i live so there is no point me naming it because you might not have a market near you that sells these kind of things but maybe one day you will come across it! 

 Aussie Shampoo & Dual Personality been looking at these for ages! so when i saw the deal on them in Boots i snatched myself two of the products, the offer was 2 for £6!!

 No7 miniature brush set, you change your brush and place it into the handle, i love how it works & for a little price of £7.50 :)!

 I was gonna buy this a couple of weeks ago in the gift set isle in Superdrug & I'm so glad i didn't because when i went in today it was half price! 3 Gosh items for £5 i actually couldn't believe it, there was other colours aswell but this one stood out to me :)!

2 finger ring from Primark for £1.50 absolutely love this!

Thanks for reading Beauties x


  1. Great gifts! The watch is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, looks like you got a lot of great items. I love Sex and the City but thought the second movie was pretty bad. It was pretty racist and I was so disappointed. Hopefully if they do a 3rd movie it will be more like the show.

  3. Thankyou G A B Y !!x
    oh no! i hope they do make a third one so they win you over again :)! x