Saturday, 18 December 2010

Favourite Products!

Hey Guys & Dolls, I'm back today to share with you not my November or December favourites but kind of somewhere in the middle haha. I just wanted to share with you what i am using on my face on a day to day basis.
 If you have an oily face & you don't have this product i HIGHLY recommend you to rush out now! just to buy! i seriously cant bare to think how i looked without this Mac Pressed Blot Power, as soon as you apply it onto your face you see a transformation straight away!

 This Blush is my absolute favourite! Its the only No7 blush that i own & to be honest i only bought it because i got £5 off so that made it something like £3.50 & i wasn't really sure if i would be able to get used to this because its a little darker than my other pink blushers, but its amazing & i wear it every day!

 Only just bought this foundation really, & I'm getting used to it, its a big change to go from a MAC foundation to a drugstore one, but i love how this applies, not sure if i will be buying it again or if I'm gonna go back to MAC but I'm gonna carry on using this until it all goes :)

 Collection 2000 Eye Definition & Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara, again already blogged about the mascara so check out what i thought here, & the liner i love because the brush is so tiny so you can do your line thin or chunky its up to you :)

 MAC Hue lipstick, not gonna say too much because i have already highly recommended this before & I'm sure alot of you already own it but if you don't then go & try it out, i LOVE it :)

 Concealer by MAC love this, hides all my blemishes & does what any normal concealer does but better!

 I always change my eye products around but i always find myself using every product in this palette! I recommend everyone to go out & buy any of Lauren Luke's Palettes shes so talented & her products are just as amazing as the makeup she can create! This palette is the Smokey Eye just a dark palette go check out her other palette's anything ranging from natural to smokey :) check out the other palette's here

FIX+ well what can i say about this that you already haven't heard? makes my face makeup last longer if i give it a spray on my foundation & if i spray my eye brushes when using a pigment they last so long! If you already don't have this product then go & get it!
Thanks for reading Beauties x


  1. I need to give that MAC blotting powder a try. I never even thought to check what they have in terms of powder.

  2. Its amazing! let me know what you think when if you try it out :)