Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Hey girls! I know this is a little away from Saturday night but anyway i thought i would share what i wore to a party i attended! :)
 I paired my outfit with golden bangles & long golden earrings from Primark :)
After my pictures i also added a belt in the style of a golden chain!
Me & my lovely sister Natalie.
I added the picture with me & my sister to show you another type of the dress I'm wearing but in a different colour because i tend to see alot of blacks but when i saw Natalie's purple one it looks amazing in a colour that stands out!

I added the gold jewelery because on the back of my shoes i had gold studs, if you look closely on the picture of me & my sister you will just see them :)

Thanks for reading beauties x

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  1. You and your sister look great. Love the one shoulder look.