Friday, 28 January 2011

P.S. a pretty little post.


Hey guys. So i am introducing a little post to you every Friday! (If i have something worth telling you haha!) You can see the name from looking above but i just wanted to share why i have called it this & what it will be used for :)!
So the name has come from my favourite book & film P.S. I love you.. I mainly like it because of the story line but Gerard Butler is my all time favourite Actor :)! the remainder of the title is just my web link :)!

So this post will just be a random little ramble about what has happened this week & what i want to share with you :)...

1. I had my tragus pierced, a week today & i love it! I'm going to post a picture on how it looks now, even though it absolutely killed me i still LOVE it! I want my Forward Helix pierced but I'm gonna let this one heal first haha. Do you have any piercings?

(its not an excellent picture because it has been taken on my phone & not my camera but you can see the piercing)
2. We started makeup in college on Tuesday, we have only covered the foundation part but there is so much that i have already learnt! Like which foundation type e.g. liquid matte or mousse will be good for your skin type.

3. I have been shopping for my bedroom! Yes i am finally decorating my whole bedroom! I'm having it a purple colour with white & purple accessories all around. I have bought the paint, a purple canvas (of a large city) & a white bookcase.

That's all i have to ramble about today. Let me know if you like this idea of me telling you different things that are happening through the week that are not beauty always related..

Thanks for reading beauties x

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