Saturday, 22 January 2011

SJP Perfume!

Hey girls!
I hope your all doing well! I'm going to try & get these posts back up & running because i know i have been lacking & loosing my lovely followers :( but I'm gonna be back on track so keep your eyes peeled for my posts :)!

Recently i purchased the SJP NYC perfume. I absolutely LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker & i have never tried out this perfume & i know its been out since around last year, but I'm really funny with perfumes & i don't like to have too many! but when i smelt this perfume i fell in LOVE!

The smell of the perfume is really fruity & smells a little strong at first but when the smell dies down a little & you get used to it, it smells gorgeous! the only bad thing i can say about this perfume is that its too small & i am going to use it way too fast even though its 30ml.

This picture is the promotion picture i think (not too sure) but how gorgeous does she look? after watching Sex & The City with her character & the BIGGEST wardrobe Ive seen! i was kind of expecting to see the 'Carrie Bradshaw' again for SJP but she totally pulled it off! she looks amazing & reminds me of a pink princess! SJP has a couple of fragrances out & I'm excited to try them too!
I also love the package of the perfume! If you can see from the picture it is like strips of designs around one pink bottle & it looks so pretty! If you have a look at SJP's other perfumes then you will see how lovely her other perfumes are & the packaging is so girlie.

Have you guys tried any SJP fragrances if you have then let me know which one is your favourite!

Thanks for reading beauties x

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