Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A different post for you guys here are some of my In's and Out's of the half month haha! hope you all have a good day :)

- eBay! I have recently rekindled my love for this amazing website, I can not tell you the amount of bargains I have found whether its Make-Up or other different items.

- MAC!! so its only been a couple of weeks since i have bought from MAC and every time I'm at the mall i go back and spend more money! No wonder my Bank Account has pigeons flying in there!

- The Weather. This sounds silly i know especially with English weather but i have LOVED this summer, we had some scorching days but some haven't been too hot and its been a lovely breeze!

-Dorothy Perkins Jewellery is amazing! i never used to go into that shop cos i thought it was for my Grandma but the jewellery is great so girlie and pretty gotta love it! :)

-College! so excited to start at my Beauty College cannot wait to start something again without sitting on my bum all day haha!

-Saving money! i have no control over my money what so ever! i had to save for my new college uniform which was £200 and it absolutely killed me :(!

- Results day! This isn't that bad this year as i only took my Childcare and they already told me that i had passed so i only have to go to receive my piece of paper :)!

So that's all I can think of this week... Have a good rest of the day...

Thanks for reading

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