Wednesday, 25 August 2010

FOTD! Lauren Luke :)

Hey guys! Todays FOTD was the Nude Lips & Dark Eyes so i thought i would show you all what i do when experimenting with my Lauren Luke - My Smokey Classics palette!

The colours are amazingly pigmented and the primer is actually one of the best i have tried! They do leave a little access that falls onto your cheek but if you put a Kleenex there then your good to go :)! I must be honest i don't think too much of the lip colours but i have only tried them once so maybe in time it will be my best lip product ever!
The gel liner is out of this world! although when I'm away from home i don't really have enough room in my makeup bag to have the full palette so I'm waiting for Lauren Luke to bring it out in a separate pot because i will be the first one to buy that item! I haven't tried depotting any of the products that are inside the palette and I'm not too sure if you can :/

You can buy any of Lauren Luke's palettes on her website and she has many different palettes not just dark dramatic eyes :)!

anyway this is what my eyes turned out like! I hope you like, again sorry about that crap picture quality I'm gonna get a new camera :)!
Thanks for reading Beauties:)!

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