Saturday, 7 August 2010

Online Haul!

Just thought id share with you what i have ordered today and will be doing a review on next week :)!

I have been wanting a Dazzleglass for ages now! so excited for it to arrive! i got this is a natural pink :)! You can buy these at or .com for just £14.50!

I have been watching these blushers for some time and i knew that the pink one was what i wanted! I love the packaging its so pretty! for $28.00 is £17.50 for us in the UK.

Gaga's lipsticks are adorable! I knew as soon as i saw Gaga was promoting these that i had to have at least one of them. Its took me ages to buy one but I'm so excited to see how great these lipsticks are! You can purchase these also from the mac website (listed above!) £12.50

I only have Primer's in my Lauren Luke palettes so it is kind of exciting to get one i can carry around in my makeup bag! These are from for $18.00 is £11.20 BARGAIN!!!

For you UK readers you can also buy benefit Mac and Urban Decay from any Debenhams near you or order them online at

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed Beauties :)


  1. i dont really like primer potion too sticky and it gives me headache and it smells werid i dont really have mac eyeshadows

  2. thats why i use the de-crease loreal primer cause it doesnt smells and you can use it everyday

  3. Lovely haul!:D

    Looking forward to your reviews!:D

    Happy Saturday!:D
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  4. Thankyou for your lovely comment Marie! and i totally agree makeupwithpandaabearr some do smell but i have to put up with it for a little while :)


  6. What a lovely blog. I really like the way you don't only blog about cosmetics but other stuff too. Just subscribed!

  7. Thankyou for the lovely comment will definetly check out your Blog :D! x