Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I just recently bought these 2 eyeshadow palettes and i wasnt expecting much because they were only £4 each, when i got back i had to try them out and i can say that i love these mini palettes! They are labelled so for beginners you know where to place the colour but it is so so pigmented! There higlights are amazing and im so impressed with how good these palettes are! There was about 5/6 colours and they are a definete YES!!

This one is Lexington Luxury and i love the colours its for natural but out the eyes!

This one is Chelsea Chic and this is for your natural gorgeous looks!

I would definetly buy them again and maybe get a different set!! you can order these at www.superdrug.com/ or there main website www.newyorkcolor.com/

Happy Reading Beauties! :)


  1. I was looking at these today! i might have to try them now lol x

  2. Theyre brill! for the price aswell you wouldnt expect it :) x

  3. this is great! i think i should get these since i am a beginner, especially when it comes to putting eyeshadow on. thanks for sharing! i will now be on the lookout for these! :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. Thanks for posting about this, my teenage sister is looking for an inexpensive eye palette like this!:D

    I like the instructions too!:D

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  5. do these smell funky sometimes they do just saying

  6. http://pandaamakeupgirl.blogspot.com/