Sunday, 15 August 2010

L'Oréal Paris

I know you guys might want to see reviews on the things i have recently bought but i just haven't had the time so when i do its in the dark and it looks bad! :( but i got my dandelion Benefit blusher and my lipsticks from mac so i have a lot to review for you all!

I went to my drugstore and couldn't resist when i saw there was an offer on L'Oréal Paris cosmetics :)!

So i got this colour eyeshadow because i saw CosmeticsCharlotte use it in one of her videos and it looked amazing on! this was £5.99 i haven't tried it yet but from what i hear these eye shadows are very pigmented! This is 151 Pure Gold check her channel out!

I got this blusher/bronzer for £10.00 and i can say this is the best one that i own, it sort of reminds me of the Nars one Orgasm? I think that's it but this is 301 Blondes Blonde and i absolutely love this product definitely worth the money!

So when i spent £15 or more i got this amazing free gift! I got 6 gifts inside this box :)!

First i got this Full size eyeliner in Dark Chocolate and it is very very pigmented and comes off extremely smooth!

An 8ml Youth code day cream, i will probably use this tomorrow morning and let you all know what i think!

I received another Full size eyeshadow in Golden Beige 21

I got this sample of their new Matte Morphose Foundation in Creamy Natural. Then if you liked the sample they also put in a coupon which saves you £2 when you buy this foundation :)!

I also received a Full sized Nail Varnish but i gave it to my boyfriends mum because it wasn't Really my colour :)

So if any of you guys are looking to spend over £15.00 at L'Oréal Paris then go now because you get a bunch of free products! You can get all these products from: but i think you guys from the US can also go to a different site.
If you guys want to see a review on any of these please write and let me know! :)

Thanks for reading Beauties :)!

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