Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hey guys so i need your help! i was wondering if any of you could recommend any of these foundations :)!

This MAC Studio Sculpt foundation has been approved by a relative because she works in the store (I know right! How lucky is she!) and i have seen many of YouTube Guru's highly recommend this product!

This is the Loreal Paris Matte Morphose and i got a sample with my free gift as you saw in one of my other posts but i tried the sample today and i think I'm in love with this foundation, the only bad point is it applies way to dry :/!

If any of you could recommend these products then please leave a comment well appreciated :)!

Have a good night Beauties :)!


  1. i think you should go for the mac one, i use mineral foundation and i tried the loreal one and their foundations just dry your skin out! xx

  2. I have never tried Studio Sculpt myself but I hear its great as long as you don't have skin that breaks out easily! Good luck finding one though chick! Check out my blog if you have some spare time :)

    Jenn xx