Sunday, 8 August 2010


Hey Guys! i found this nail polish and loved it for the winter time or when you are having a dull but bright day :) I know were only in August and my idea of this product was to use it in the winter but i absolutely fell in LOVE with it and had to order it straight away! This post is called UK because i don't know if any other places have an AVON? But if you do then please feel free to let me know as i want to include you all! :)
At first i was a little disappointed with this product as it applied very thick which made it go lumpy when painting my nails, but with a drop of Nail Varnish Remover it went thin and applied very easily.
So if you guys don't have AVON near you my Varnish is called Vintage Blue and I'm sure you could go out and buy yourself a colour just like this one! :) You guys can order from

(My nails are not very neat i know!) haha.

Thanks for reading Guys :)!

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