Monday, 16 August 2010

Products im loving + Favourite Youtube guru!

So i didn't know what to post about today and i promise you that tomorrow will be a day showing you how the products look! Maybe a FOTD :) but with all the products i have bought this is a Products i love!.
Please stick with me because this is a long long Post and at the end you will find my new favourite YouTube Guru :)!

This is the best brush i own! its the Gosh Blusher/Bronzer brush and its quality is amazing!

You've seen this in another post that i bought recently and its in products i love because i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! the colour is amazing and goes on so well with my Hue M.A.C Lipstick :)!

These are the Two eye shadows that you saw in yesterdays blog! These eyeshadows are so pigmented so so so amazing colours everyone should go out and buy these!!

I got this blusher a couple of days ago and i have wore it ever since! I love the pink! so natural and girlie!!!

M.A.C Hue lipstick is my favourite lipstick of all time over all of my other lipsticks :) I highly recommend everyone that reads this to go out and buy this lipstick! :)

My new fave YouTube Guru is everybody go to her Channel and watch! I love this girl!

Thanks for reading Beauties! :)

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